PC assembly packages

Setup XS

Purchasing advice

With the buying advice we will help you to find the best components at the best price! We can also make the choice for you according to your budget and your expectations. We will make the orders for you.

PC mounting

After receiving the components we will start assembling your PC. We will then perform tests to verify the proper functioning of your new machine.


During the assembly of your PC, a clean and refined cabling will be made to allow a good flow of air between each component and thus allow the proper functioning of your PC in the long term.

This step is essential for your PC and will guarantee a much longer life!


After assembling and wiring your PC we will proceed to its first power up. This is also when we will do the primary tests to make sure everything is working properly (BIOS/UEFI check, processor temperature, graphics card, case,  checking and optimization of BIOS parameters, testing of RAM, hard disk etc.).
Setup S


After all the tests carried out we will proceed to the installation of the Operating System of your choice with an official license and all the drivers necessary to the good functioning of this one. Thereafter we proceed to some optimizations to allow a maximum fluidity.

Software installation

We will install the software/antivirus of your choice. We can also install free software such as LibreOffice, VLC, CCleaner, Notepad++, CPUID, Avast, Ditto and much more!

If you wish, we can install any other software requiring a paid license.

Setup M

TV/Monitor installation

We will come to your home and install your new TV/Monitor. We will take care of all the necessary connections and configurations so that you can enjoy your new purchase!

Mail configuration

We can help you create an email address and configure the email client to your requirements.
Setup L

NAS installation

If you have purchased a NAS, we will set it up and dock it to your network and verify that everything is working perfectly from your home.

Modem/WIFI installation

We will come to your home and install your new Modem/Wifi so that your network works optimally. Of course, tests will be performed.

Data transfer

We will transfer the data from your old PC to the new one.
Setup XL

Data backup

We can make a complete backup of your data on an external medium.

Installation Switch, PLC, etc.

We will come to your home and install your network device(s) and make sure your device(s) are working properly on your network.

Network Configuration Individual

We will come to your home and configure your network to ensure that it works properly with all your connected devices. We will perform thorough tests and set up your network in the most optimal way!

Office customization

We can, from your home, propose ideas for optimal customization of your office. A cable management will be organized in order to hide the cables as much as possible! Of course we will do it according to your criteria.